O'ir : “Transform you into new you”
For us Innovation is seeing what nobody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Keeping this in mind we bring to you a first-of-its-kind range in personal care segment in India.Our highly qualified & dedicated research team has brought sugarcane extract based range of daily care products from Nature’s lap to your Lap. This range includes: Sugarcane Facial Kit, Sugarcane Gold Facial Kit, Sugarcane Handmade Soap
Very soon we are coming up with products like Sugarcane Scalp conditioning shampoo, Sugarcane and Almond Nutrifying Moisturizer and Sugarcane Brightening Face Wash all made up of natural sugar cane extractsas an active ingredient.
Sugarcane is rich source of glycolic acid which helps naturally in skin conditioning and moisturizing. It is also a major source of lactic acid that hasthe capacity to leave your skin feeling silky smooth because of its exfoliationand moisturization properties.It helpsto achieve the dual function ofexfoliation and moisturization by removing your damaged, dry and dead skincells bypromoting the growth of new ones.

Sugarcane HandMade Soap

A daily use body wash formula for a spa therapy feeling at your bath.
Enriched with Sugarcane, Jojoba oil, turmeric and various Ayurvedic ingredients and handmade it is specially formulated with natural foaming agents to keep your skin soft and glowing throughout the day.

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