Spices :
We are offering superior quality spices to our esteemed customers. These products are extensively used in various food preparations. Processed under hygienic conditions, these products are widely known for their purity .All our spices being traditionally formulated have a very good shelf life and a unique taste.

Upcoming products of CIAN Spices

  1. Chana Masala
  2. PavBhaji Masala
  3. Sambhar Masala
  4. Chat Masala
  5. Mutton Masala
  6. Chicken Masala
  7. Aamchur Masala
  8. Aromatic Kitchen Queen Masala

Haldi powder

Turmeric Powder is the most used culinary spice. Almost every Indian dish is incomplete without it andhas zero cholesterol calories. It is used for giving color and flavor to the food and also used for cosmetic purposes.Turmeric is a immunity buster and has mention in Ayurveda about its inclusion in daily diet.

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