Edible Oils:
Our entire Range of Edible oils known by our Brand “Amrutdhara” which means that the oil is so pure , it can be thought as a stream of life/Nectar.

Amrutdhara Soyabean Oil

"Amrutdhara" Soybean oil is now a Central India's leading brand. It is manufactured from the finest soybeans grown in Vidarbha& Madhya Pradesh region in our modernized solvent extraction plant and edible oil refinery.
Soybean oil is considered healthier than most other vegetable oils, due to the presence of essential fatty acids , which the body needs in order to remain healthy. There are also a number of plant sterols in soybean oil, which can have a wide variety of health benefits for people who regularly include soybean oil in their diet. The vitamin and mineral content of soybean is what fames this delicious and widely useful legume.

  • Available in:500 ml, 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 15 ltr./Kg/Jar, 15 ltr./kg Tin
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