Yes, we are marching ahead..!

We are glad to story of our long journey that our Company had completed so far. Our Company continued its steadfast approach to strive for excellence and overcome all the obstacles.
Personally this year is also of special significance for me and also to our Company, during this year we finally broke free from the shackles of a being sick industrial unit after 19 long years and rose to new heights of success like a phoenix rising from ashes. Our Company not only has become free from the purview of BIFR and SIC Abut also the Net Worth of the Company has turned positive by more than 10.49 Crores. During the year we also restarted our manufacturing unit (vegetable oil refinery) and successfully re-launched of our own Brand of edible oil “Amrutdhara”. The response received from customers to our products was heartwarming. This success was testimony to the hard work & efforts put in by our employees & stakeholders for the revival of the Company. This success has further fueled our desire to work even more dedication to achieve more success for the Company.
Challenges in the next year will surely be harder as the erratic monsoon seasons continues to hamper the soyabean cultivation in the fields, procurement of quality raw material & optimum capacity utilization will prove to be a difficult task. But we are sure to beat these odds, Company has already expanded its range of edible oils by introducing Groundnut, Rice-bran and sunflowers oil of our own Brand of edible oil “Amrutdhara”. Our Company has also launched range of various spices under our own brand called “CIAN Spices” which has gained popularity in short time. We have diversified our operations into health & personal care products business thereby truly transforming the Company from an edible oil manufacturer into a FMCG Company. Our infra division continues to firmly supplement the business of the Company.
We are also pleased to share with you the news of revocation of suspension on trading of Company’s securities on the Stock Exchange. Trading of shares of our Company was suspended for many years but now it has been revoked by the BSE Limited w.e.f 15th May 2017. The revocation coupled with the successful performance of the company during the year has already added to the value of the Company significantly. The company had already touched life time high prices of shares on BSE in 2017-18.
Going forward, we will strive to develop a distribution network & supply chain, focus on brand building, improvements in products and packaging techniques, expand our reach into the retail space and bolster our market presence. The Company is confident of the brandbuilding and Agro business that continues to be strong and resilient. This will drive the future growth and meet the expectations of the various stakeholders.
Suneet Pande

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